How To Answer 23 of The Most Common Interview Questions

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Almost all of us had the experience on interview to get a job but many of us couldn’t handle the questions that ask during the interview. Paul Michael of Wise Bread said being interviewed is a skill, and if you do the preparation you should ace it every time. The interview questions almost the same everywhere and the answers are usually the same too.

Below are the 23 questions likely to be asked during interview, and how Paul Michael learned to answer them.

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Are You at Risk for Diabetes but Didn’t Aware?

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Many of us didn’t aware the risk of Diabetes, one of the major killers and is getting common nowadays. Do you know that women have higher risk than men for Diabetes? You may at low risk of having or developing diabetes, but you could be at higher risk in the future. Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent diabetes.

If you’re African American, Hispanic or American Indian, pay special attention because Diabetes is more common in these ethnic groups.

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Save Our Seahorses (SOS)

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seahorse.jpg Gossamer, enchanting and beautiful – the seahorse seems like a creature from Harry Potter or a magical kingdom. One has to see it to believe it and marvel in its wonder. Replace the sight with heavy industries producing plastic, paints, pesticides and chemical products. Add in a chemical incinerator and machineries to process toxic wastes. This is the fate that awaits the Sungai Pulai estuary in Malaysia. The 913 hectares of mangrove land will be cleared for a chemical industries estate. No wonder floods, Tsunami and rising temperatures are becoming more rampant in this part of Asia.

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My Cardiac Health, Heart Attack Triggering Process

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Have we ever think of how cardiac arrest can overcome us? It is the sudden stoppage of blood supply or lack of oxygen from one or two coronary arteries to the heart muscle or even to the brain. There are many causes but no known cause yet which include heart attack, heart disease, spasm or choking. A common symptom is heart pain, spasm, usually caused by build up of plaque or fat like substances called atherosclerosis. This plaque can eventually rupture where blood clot will form and block the blood flow.

Befoe and After to how plague is formed and blocked the blood flow

Without immediate medical attention, the person will die within a few minutes. This is so if the blood supply is cut off for more than 5 minutes, not only brain injury will be the likely result but also muscle cells suffer permanent injury and can be fatal.

Coming up is the magnificent computer generated animation film illustrating how the plaque is formed, clotted and this triggers the heart attack.

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Warning Signs of Heart Attack

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Some of us have learned about methods of CPU to revise heart attack victims but what the trainer forgot to teach us the sign of heart attack.


Personally, I thought the signs are related to chest pains but I was wrong. Do you know that jaw pain for 5 minutes is also one of the signs?! Yes, jaw pain is…. one of the signs.

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Satay Celup – Famous And Delicious Food In Melaka

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Satay Celup is one of the famous and delicious food in Melaka. It is something like steamboat but we dunk everything in boiling pot for steamboat; instead of using boiling water, Satay Celup uses thick boiling satay sauce containing ground peanuts, gula Melaka, sugar, chili powder, various herbs and some secret recipes, and all foods are to be dipped into the satay sauce. The satay sauce is constantly on the boil to ensure it is hot all time. The taste of the sauce is a bit sweet, hot and spicy.


“Capitol Satay” at Lorong Bukit Cina is my favourite restaurant compare to other restaurants. The mode of service here is Self-service and it is Non-halal. Its business hours is from 6:00pm until mid night but my advice is to go at 5:30pm because the restaurant already starts its business at this time and you do not need to queue especially during weekends. It is closed on Monday.

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Viagra Oysters: the Ultimate Aphrodisiac for Sexual Pleasure

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oys.jpgAn oyster farmer claimed that he had come up with the ultimate aphrodisiac in the world. His idea is brilliantly simple: feed his farm-bred shellfish the drug Viagra. It’s a wonder that they didn’t all start to breed and fill up the breeding pool or die in the midst of sexual ecstasy. Anyway, the farmer from Australia believes that oysters, known as a natural remedy to arouse sexual desire, when combined with the sex-stimulating and enhancing drug Viagra, will work wonders on men or women looking for sexual gratification. It is sure to make the most impotent man or woman reach sexual climax or orgasm. The farmer believes he has struck on a multi-million business idea. He plans to export the Sydney Rock Oysters around the world. Any takers?

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