Some of us have learned about methods of CPU to revise heart attack victims but what the trainer forgot to teach us the sign of heart attack.


Personally, I thought the signs are related to chest pains but I was wrong. Do you know that jaw pain for 5 minutes is also one of the signs?! Yes, jaw pain is…. one of the signs.

You will save life if you memorize the signs. Life is precious. Treasure it for yourself and your love ones.

    – Chest pain or pressure, or feeling of indigestion on exertion
    – Shoulder or arm pain especially during physical or stressful activity
    – Jaw pain
    – Unexplained shortness of breath (while at rest or comes on suddenly)
    – Unexplained nausea, vomiting or sweating
    – Fainting spell
    – Palpitations (awareness of rapid or pounding heartbeat)