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A secret for you to enjoy Christmas and New Year!

A cubicle in shape, one face 4 days with six faces, a window of 24 calendar days and each fills with all kinds of chocolate in it. A savoury aroma of one piece per day and it is packed in a attractive limited edition of praline, almond, milk, dark loaded with delicious caramel and chocolate truffle.

It is a perfect present or pre gift to year end festive season.

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Great Recycle Idea – Temple Of Million Glass Bottle

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Sawatdee, it’s how you greet people in Thai language. In Thailand there are a temple built by 1.5 million of glass bottle. Many people recycle old glass bottle by selling them, built gorgeous work of art but the monks built a temple out of it.  Known as Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew is located in Thailand’s Sisaket province, about 600 km northeast of Bangkok.

Wat Lan Kuat - The Temple of One Million Beer Bottles Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew temple10

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Golden Buddha Cellphone With Genuine Jade And 24k Gold Plated (Reserve Edition)

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Golden Buddha Cell Phone and Accessories7

This Cell Phone is design for Buddhist business woman, man, traveler who wants to announce her elite status to the world and feel peace of mind at all of the time. With 24k gold plated finish, genuine jade and  pearl powder lacquer. It’s the worlds first truly fashionable limited edition mobile phone and most expensive hand set in China  at $1,750.

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What’s The World’s Fastest Supercomputer In 2009? Jaguar?

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If you think that Intel was always the fastest. Think again, not this round. This round AMD is the Host. Jaguar supercomputer has 37,376 six-core AMD Opteron 2.6 GHz processors. That’s mean Jaguar has 224,256 of processor cores.  300 terabyte of ram, 10 petabyte of disk space running on custom version of SUSE Linux.

One petaflops is the equivalent of one thousand trillion operations per second, which means this supercomputer is capable of a theoretical maximum performance of 2,330,000,000,000,000 operations per second. The reason Jaguar claimed the top spot in this latest test is a recent upgrade from quad-core processors to six-core processors, effectively increasing the total number of processor cores by 50%.

The World’s Fastest Supercomputer In 2009 Is Jaguar

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Guide Of How To Impress Your Girlfriend

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It’s not so hard to impress a girl on a first date… With this paper flower on top of a box of chocolate.. You just melted her heart. but do prepare a life flower in case she don’t like it. This will make you look  unpredictable & smart. It’s easy to impress .. remember practice make perfect if you want to success in dating a girl.

Follow the instruction as illustrated in photos below, do choose a better and colorful tissue paper or other material  instead if using ordinary tissue.


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Ice Bar in Japan : Photo Gallery

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A Bartender makes cocktails at Icebar Tokyo on August 17, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. The entrance fee of 3500 Yen with one drink and customers can borrow a coat upon entry. Everything in the bar including the counter, the wall, table, glasses, chairs are made from blocks of ice cut from Sweden’s Torne river.

Ice Cold Cocktails

Chilly Drinks

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Hello Kitty Netbook – Medion S1211

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UK company Medion offers the S1211 Hello Kitty netbook that has Hello Kitty logo on the lid and inside. This is not the first Hello Kitty netbook as we have seen Sotec’s before. The 10-inch netbook is powered by the commonly used Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor, 1GB RAM, onboard GMA 950 graphics and a 160GB hard drive.


The Medion S1211 has a 10-inch LCD display. It supports WiFi 802.11b/g/n and has a VGA webcam, and a multi-in-1 card reader. A USB Bluetooth adapter will be included. The Hello Kitty netbook is available in Black (MD97006) and White (MD97005) and is priced at GBP349.99.


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