Golden Buddha Cell Phone and Accessories7

This Cell Phone is design for Buddhist business woman, man, traveler who wants to announce her elite status to the world and feel peace of mind at all of the time. With 24k gold plated finish, genuine jade and  pearl powder lacquer. It’s the worlds first truly fashionable limited edition mobile phone and most expensive hand set in China  at $1,750.

If you compare this M57 Golden Buddha Cellphone with blackberry & iPhone, they all are great phone  with a bunch of latest technology and a lot of function but none of them include religious option such as virtual prayer room and religious design. The virtual prayer hall with e-offerings allows you to give a prayer and digital offering to all the important Buddha Illuminati including;  Amitabha, Bhaisajya, Maitreya, Sakyamuni, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Kwan-yin, Ksitigarbha. This hand phone also provide peace of mind for traveler while  travel inside the transportation or stay at Hotel.  Stressed out that this make owner feel safe while travel, stay at hotel room, before important meeting or even in toilet. This make Golden Buddha Cellphone outstanding than the rest cellphone in the market.

Finally,CVKI M57 also  presented in a finely crafted rosewood case and comes with a matching Golden Dock and Bluetooth earpieces design to complete the set.

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