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Backache is perhaps the most common and also the painful of the working hazards. Every living soul has come across back pain at some point of his time. Backache comes in two forms: acute pain comes on suddenly and is very intense. One experiences it when one is doing something that needs not to be done or doing it in the wrong way. The pain can be from sprains or pulls on muscles in your back. It hurts severely for some days. One can alleviate this kind of backache by following these tips: –

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Quicksand: Tips to survey and have a laugh

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Quicksand is never in one place. It keeps moving from day to day. Quicksand is a mushy mix, which is the result of over saturated sand, in which friction between the particles is so reduced it can no longer support any significant weight. Sand when it becomes like jelly it’s a tell tale sign of quicksand.

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Bollywood: Sexy Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2

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Aishwarya is now in action. She acts as a petty thief in Dhoom 2. The petty thief always thinks she is pretty cool and smarter than the smartest. She’s a sassy girl and at the same time she’s a cool dude. Quite a funny character acted by Asihwarya!

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The Kungfu legend

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brucelee.jpg It was Bruce Lee’s birthday yesterday. Bruce Lee (27 Nov 1940 – 20 Jul 1973) was an American-born Chinese or in short we call as ABC. He was born to a Chinese father and Chinese German mother. He is known as one of the most influential and famous martial artist of all time, still widely remembered by all until now. He was an actor as well as an instructor. He was also the father of the Jeet Kune Do and the originator of the Jun Fan Kickboxing.

Bruce had acted in a variety of movies in US since he was baby. His last few movies include The Big Boss (1971), The Fist of Fury (1972), Way of the Dragon (1972) and Enter the Dragon (1973).

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Endangered Species – Okapi (Half Zebra & Half Giraffe)

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An Okapi – an endangered African animal that looks a little like a zebra and a little like a giraffe, was born in Brookfield Zoo, Illinois, recently. The little Okapi, Sauda, or ‘dark beauty’ in Swahili weighs 71kg and stands more than 9 metres tall at the shoulder.

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Sexy Nurses Restaurant

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Have you fantasized about nurses in kinky uniform at your beck and call?

Heart Attack Grill, a restaurant in Baltimore dresses its waitresses in naughty nurse’s uniform. The waitresses wear stethoscopes around their necks and crosses on their nurse hats. They also wear fishnet stockings and tight, cleavage-baring tops. On occasion, they may even jump into the arms of their customers.

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Max Factor Actress: Rosa Kato

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Rosa Kato, a new Japanese actress who has just recently grown in popularity from her commercials in Max Factor and Vodaphone among many others.

She is very sweet and cute that all men in Japan flock to see. Her father is Italian while her mother is Japanese.

Here with some of her photos and movie clips: –

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