Quicksand is never in one place. It keeps moving from day to day. Quicksand is a mushy mix, which is the result of over saturated sand, in which friction between the particles is so reduced it can no longer support any significant weight. Sand when it becomes like jelly it’s a tell tale sign of quicksand.

Quicksand is not as dangerous as depicted in many movies. As quicksand is rarely more than a few feet deep, there is usually little danger of sinking below the surface. When you are trapped in quicksand, re-trace you steps, but in case you’re stuck, stay calm and move as little as possible because you will only sink further. Try and distribute your weight evenly by laying on your back. . In fact Quicksand is typically denser than the human body, meaning that a body is much more buoyant in quicksand than in water. Thus, the body will float quite easily in quicksand.

So just stay calm, then sit tight and wait for the army or an army of hungry crabs….!