Microsoft Reveal Their Windows 7 Marketing Secret Weapon At Korea And S.E. Asia

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Hwang Mi Hee is Korean Most Famous Race Queen and Model. Microsoft reveal their secret marketing weapon at S.E. Asia, Hwang Mi Hee is a attractive and positive way to promote Windows 7 at Korea and S.E. Asia. Even some Microsoft user in US & UK are envy and asking their country marketing team to take a look of S.E. Asia counterpart marketing plan. Asia have a truly unique way to doing their marketing.

Photo of Hwang Mi Hee During Microsoft Windows 7 Launch.

hwang-mi-hee-windows-7-2-332x500Hwang Mi Hee cute look

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Miss Teen India 2009 : Koyal Rana Photo Gallery ( )

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Danneel Harris Is Bikini Beautiful

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Maxim model Danneel Harris recently showed readers how to wear a bikini! Harris is most recognizable for her acting roles on One Tree Hill and in the hit fillm, Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay, but she should seriously consider becoming a Model.

Be sure to check out more Maxim pics of Daneel Harris.

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Dayana Mendoza Sexy Maxim Pictures

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Dayana Mendoza maybe Miss Universe 2008 and Miss Venezuela, but what I like best about her is – she is freaking HOT.


This very sexy photoshoot of her for the September 09 issue of Maxim Magazine proves just that, here is some tidbits from her interview:

# What was the reaction like in Venezuela when you won?
Venezuela went 12 years not having a Miss Universe. They did, like, parades. In South America we’re big fanatics of pageants. My parents told me that when I won, cars were going through the streets honking like after a soccer match.

# And when you got home, were people still going crazy?
I saw all these Venezuelans with the little flags, and they were crying, and I was kind of crying as well. I really enjoyed how much happiness I could bring to so many people by winning. And I think we needed it in my country.

# Does a guy have to be an oil tycoon to get a date with you?
No, he doesn’t have to be a soccer player or an actor, either. He just has to be a special guy who is very genuine.

Dayana Mendoza will crown the Miss Universe 2009 winner when the pageant takes place on Sunday August 23.

dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_01-150x150 dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_02-150x150 dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_05-150x150

dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_03-150x150 dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_04-150x150 dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_08-150x150

dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_07-150x150 dayana_mendoza_sexy_maxim_pictures_09-150x150

2009 Teen Choice Awards – Megan Fox Photos Collection

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Actress Megan Fox poses with Choice Hottie Award in press room during the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at Gibson Amphitheatre on August 9, 2009 in Universal City, California.


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Rachel McAdams’ Open Front Dress

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Rachel McAdams certainly turned heads at the premiere for her new film The Time Travellers Wife by wearing a white open fronted dress that left little to the imagination.

The actress hit the red carpet in the fitted white mini dress with an ultra plunging neckline- revealing her pale skin and skinny chest.

Although we love Rachel’s red hair and pale skin look, we’re not too sure whether a white dress is the best way to show it off.

The daring cut of the dress is a brave look but it does highlight her very tiny frame and is in danger of making Rachel look too thin.

What do you guys think? Do you like Rachel’s look?

Mallika Sherawat is Very Transparent at “Inglourious Basterds” Premiere

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Mallika Sherawat is very transparent at Inglourious Basterds’ premiere. Sherawat had on a very transparent black dress. Sexy or not? Let’s you be the judge. You’ve never heard od Sherawat? She’s a 27-year-old Bollywood actress whose known for her boldness and known by the Indian media as a sex symbol.


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