Hwang Mi Hee is Korean Most Famous Race Queen and Model. Microsoft reveal their secret marketing weapon at S.E. Asia, Hwang Mi Hee is a attractive and positive way to promote Windows 7 at Korea and S.E. Asia. Even some Microsoft user in US & UK are envy and asking their country marketing team to take a look of S.E. Asia counterpart marketing plan. Asia have a truly unique way to doing their marketing.

Photo of Hwang Mi Hee During Microsoft Windows 7 Launch.

hwang-mi-hee-windows-7-2-332x500Hwang Mi Hee cute look


Another Photo Of Hwang Mi Hee

Hwang mi hee12Hwang Mi Hee sigmahwang_mi_hee_16hwang-mi-hee-sas-09-049korean+girls+model+Hwang-Mi-Hee2