Learn and Enhance Microsoft Office (2007 & 2010) Skills with Ribbon Hero 2 Game

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There is a host of games in the market for testing your IQ, knowledge, imaginary skills and so forth, but how about the game that designed to help you become as a qualified Microsoft Office users? As you know, Microsoft Office is the most popular office productivity tools that major companies commonly used. Feel bored to learn the famous office application? But fear not, Microsoft Office Labs has introduced an interesting game that transform Microsoft Office into a game aimed for your fun learning experience – Ribbon Hero 2: Clippy’s Second Chance.

Ribbon Hero 2: Clippy's Second Chance

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Game Vitamin for Gaming Addicts

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gamers-vitamin.jpgGaming addicts when come to video games especially their favourite games always have difficulties to control, stop or diminish. Serious gaming addicts can play games continuously days and nights. Long hour gaming can exhaust brains and damage eyes. To help these gamers to refresh themselves and boost their attention after gaming session, a Japanese company has developed a new game supplement or game

The new Japanese game vitamins, Game Suppli, come in two varieties: Blue Berry and DHA. Blue Berry tablets are meant to be good for the eyes and it can refresh gamers after their gaming session. vitamin to target gaming addicts particularly.

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X Blades

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Southpeak games announced its action animation X blades titles release for the next generation in PC and consoles in the second half of 2008.

Southpeak games, Virginia America, combines animation and visual style with dynamic third-person action X blades. Ayumi, a beautiful anime heroine, who battles her powerful enemy with her various magic spells, guns and blades using gaudy and spectacular scenes.

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The Hunt for Treasure Island

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Fancy a game that involves pirates, seeking hidden treasure, adventures, and putting your camping or survival skills to use? Destination: Treasure Island is a game that is based on the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The game is set in a secret island four years after the end of the story in Treasure Island. Jim has been made captain of the ship and he is on a mission to locate the treasure hidden by Long John Silver, the pirate who had betrayed his fellow pirates and fled to Emerald Island. Close on his trail are Morgan, Dick, yellow Dog and others who also want to set their hands on the treasure.

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Cool Electronic Gadget For Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Lazy to shake your hand during playing the age-old game about strategy and has little to do with luck, the Rock, Paper, Scissors? You can try this electronic version of rock, paper, scissors, an ideal gift for the extremely lazy or indecisive.

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The Game For Brave People – World’s Highest Swing

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Looking for game to prove that you aren’t afraid of heights ??? The world’s highest swing dubbed as “Game For Brave People” has been set up on an 1,100ft (328 meters) TV tower in China.

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Amazing Illoiha Climbing Wall

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Looking for unique indoor climbing wall ??? The Illoiha Gym-Spa in Tokyo has a Omotesando-style climbing wall with things like picture frames, bird cages, animal heads and flower vases to create a challenging wall with hard-to-find holds and unusual finger grips.

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