Fancy a game that involves pirates, seeking hidden treasure, adventures, and putting your camping or survival skills to use? Destination: Treasure Island is a game that is based on the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The game is set in a secret island four years after the end of the story in Treasure Island. Jim has been made captain of the ship and he is on a mission to locate the treasure hidden by Long John Silver, the pirate who had betrayed his fellow pirates and fled to Emerald Island. Close on his trail are Morgan, Dick, yellow Dog and others who also want to set their hands on the treasure.

The game includes educational skills such as learning to tie knots, creating tools, making weapons, repairing things, solving problems, and exploration. The various changes in the game make the action fast-paced and exciting. The inventory interfaced allows gamers to store the various objects. You can build or take apart the complex stuff as it comes with the relevant slot or function. However, the interface appears rather disjointed due to the lack of proper resources. The graphics are beautiful and appealing with comic book style influence. The game isn’t very challenging for serious or advanced gamers but it is engaging and fun for children, in particular. The point-and-click adventure is interactive and visually attractive.