Backache is perhaps the most common and also the painful of the working hazards. Every living soul has come across back pain at some point of his time. Backache comes in two forms: acute pain comes on suddenly and is very intense. One experiences it when one is doing something that needs not to be done or doing it in the wrong way. The pain can be from sprains or pulls on muscles in your back. It hurts severely for some days. One can alleviate this kind of backache by following these tips: –

1. Take bed rest. Relax on a straight bed, which is not too hard, nor too soft. Avoid large pillows, in case the pain aggravate when you totally avoid pillow try a soft cushion.

2. Use ice, as it is the very beneficial for an acute flare up of backache in case of swelling, or a strain on the back muscles apply some ice and relax, the pain will sooth out.

3. Heat can work for other kinds of swelling. Use the ice therapy for the initial two or three days for 10 minutes, the one can try the heart therapy. Lying chest down supported by pillows under the hips and ankles, fold the towels across the painful part of the back, wrap some plastic over the towel, then turn the heating pad on medium, on top of the plastic. If possible place something on top that will help reduce muscles spasms.