Drinking Alcohol Keeping Your Body Warms, Right?

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What Alcohol do you drink to keep your body warms?? Beer, Wine, Brandy, Whiskey? Heineken, Carlsberg, Hennessey, Johnnie Walker, Tequila, Aglianico , Taurasi , Piedirosso, etc!. Too much to mention. A lot people make mistake and suffer from this misconception. Drinker, make sure you read this.


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Seventeen Thing About Cat Facts

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For kitty and cat pet Lovers, you should read this. I’m not the one who love cat but I didn’t hate them. This fact make sense to me but for Cat Lovers? Look like the only cat with 10 toes is “Polydactyl”  Cat. I didn’t know cat have 9 toes. For Your Information the cat run faster than Usain Bolt(100 meter world record holder), House cat can run 30MPH but Usain Bolt record is 27MPH. Look like Usain Bolt have a long way to go. This article is presented in funny way.  Actually it’s Eighteen Thing About Cat Fact which I add them manually at the end of this article.. Do read it!


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Guide Of How To Impress Your Girlfriend

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It’s not so hard to impress a girl on a first date… With this paper flower on top of a box of chocolate.. You just melted her heart. but do prepare a life flower in case she don’t like it. This will make you look  unpredictable & smart. It’s easy to impress .. remember practice make perfect if you want to success in dating a girl.

Follow the instruction as illustrated in photos below, do choose a better and colorful tissue paper or other material  instead if using ordinary tissue.


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My Movies 3 To Manage Windows Media Center

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Windows Vista and Windows 7 allows users to turn their PC into an entertainment center and watch/record movies via its Windows Media Center, a built-in feature in the Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate packages, as well as the Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate packages. To organize and manage your movie collection in Windows Media Center so that the movie collection is properly indexed and complete with metadata, you might need a management tool to help. My Movies 3, a free plug-in for Windows Media Center, will just be another ideal tool for you.

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How to be safe on a public computer?

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Sometimes we may need to use public computers at internet cafes, libraries, airports or railway stations. Travelers without their own internet-enabled devices have no other option but to access internet via public computers for emergency needs like checking emails. Even some users who have their own broadband internet connection have an occasional habit of going online in a public place using the systems available in these areas. But, how far these public computers ensure our privacy, security and protection of personal data when we use them to go online? Do the system administrators of public computers really care about these things? Most of them do, ofcourse. However, for ensuring 100% safety, we, as users, should put in use some important security measures when we use public computers to surf the net.

Why internet access on public computers can be risky?

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PowerToys Freeware to Tweak Windows Interface

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Have you ever wished you could tweak around with your Windows interface? You might not like the scrolling speed of the mouse or the way you have to type the password every time you log in. Tired of the same appearance and the rigid way of doing things in Windows? Well, a new freeware allows you to meddle with the controls inside the software. With TweakUI, you can have access to many hidden settings in Windows to customize your Windows user interface. Aptly called the PowerToys Collection, users are given control to make changes to suit their needs.

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New Computer Worms Use Valentine’s Day Topic To Spread

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Two new computer worms Nuwar.OL and Valentin.E were detected as announced by Panda Security on Jan. 25, 2008. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and these computer viruses use the topics of Valentine’s Day to spread via e-mail.

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