What Alcohol do you drink to keep your body warms?? Beer, Wine, Brandy, Whiskey? Heineken, Carlsberg, Hennessey, Johnnie Walker, Tequila, Aglianico , Taurasi , Piedirosso, etc!. Too much to mention. A lot people make mistake and suffer from this misconception. Drinker, make sure you read this.


Alcohol in reality actually has opposite effect which is cool, it help to cool you off. Question: Then why i feel warn and my face reddening off when I drink Alcohol?? Answer: When you drink Alcohol the warming sensation you felt, and the reddening effect of the face is caused by blood circulation along with dilation of blood vessels and capillaries near the skin surface. This mean the warn blood of the body’s flow to surface to the skin and makes you feel hot. However, your internal body warmth is quickly lost to evaporation through the skin makes your body temperature drop and cooling you down.


If you stay at cool places and exposed to the cold for a long duration, don’t sip alcohol. You may feel warmer and comfortable but in the of extended period you greatly increase your chance of hypothermia. Drink during winter? Think again!