Have you ever wished you could tweak around with your Windows interface? You might not like the scrolling speed of the mouse or the way you have to type the password every time you log in. Tired of the same appearance and the rigid way of doing things in Windows? Well, a new freeware allows you to meddle with the controls inside the software. With TweakUI, you can have access to many hidden settings in Windows to customize your Windows user interface. Aptly called the PowerToys Collection, users are given control to make changes to suit their needs.

What are some of the things that Tweak UI can do? You can configure files, stop the autoplay function of specific drives, remove the arrow in the shortcut icons, etc. Use the left-nav tree to select settings to tweak. The subchoices will appear in the center pane. This program is easy to install. But those who are not used to tampering with the Windows XP installation should be cautioned against using TWeakUI which may change the usual functions of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and possible other newer versions. It could create havoc for the non-tech-savvy.