Windows Vista and Windows 7 allows users to turn their PC into an entertainment center and watch/record movies via its Windows Media Center, a built-in feature in the Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate packages, as well as the Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate packages. To organize and manage your movie collection in Windows Media Center so that the movie collection is properly indexed and complete with metadata, you might need a management tool to help. My Movies 3, a free plug-in for Windows Media Center, will just be another ideal tool for you.

The latest My Movies 3 is Windows 7 compatible and it is designed to manage movie collection at Windows Media Center. It will automatically indexes and downloads metadata for your movies whenever you insert a DVD. With the proper indexing and full metadata, users’ movie collection will be more comprehensive and organize. This application is available free for downloading. Of course if you will to spend some extra money, you can unlock more features for better use.