seahorse.jpg Gossamer, enchanting and beautiful – the seahorse seems like a creature from Harry Potter or a magical kingdom. One has to see it to believe it and marvel in its wonder. Replace the sight with heavy industries producing plastic, paints, pesticides and chemical products. Add in a chemical incinerator and machineries to process toxic wastes. This is the fate that awaits the Sungai Pulai estuary in Malaysia. The 913 hectares of mangrove land will be cleared for a chemical industries estate. No wonder floods, Tsunami and rising temperatures are becoming more rampant in this part of Asia.

For future generation to have a chance to see the intriguing seahorses, send in your petition which are started by environmentalists who have set up SAVE OUR SEAHORSE (SOS) action committee to collect 5000 signatures protesting the destruction of the estuary.

Seahorses represent a vital part of our ecosystems which is under treat. Save Our Seahorses; Save Ourselves (SOS)!