Many of us didn’t aware the risk of Diabetes, one of the major killers and is getting common nowadays. Do you know that women have higher risk than men for Diabetes? You may at low risk of having or developing diabetes, but you could be at higher risk in the future. Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent diabetes.

If you’re African American, Hispanic or American Indian, pay special attention because Diabetes is more common in these ethnic groups.

Common risk factors include:

    – Over the age of 45
    – Family history of diabetes
    – Minority racial status (African American, Hispanic, Native American, etc.)
    – Overweight
    – Lack of exercise
    – Female
    – Have had a baby weighing nine pounds or more at birth
    – You are always tired
    – Blurry vision
    – You are losing or gaining weight without trying
    – You are thirsty often and always have to go to the bathroom