Another trilogy is ending…

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No it’s not the Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, this time it is the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The final trilogy of the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ movies will be released in May 2007. ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End’ is the third film in the series. It is produced by the Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Gore Verbinski.


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Chivas Regal’s Ambassador Search Application

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CVChivas Regal is a blended Scotch whisky. The brand was founded by the Chivas brothers, who founded the distillery. The brothers received their first royal warrant in 1843.

The name “Chivas” comes from Gaelic seamhas, meaning a narrow place in a river.

The standard blend is 12 years old, though they also market an 18 year old called Rare/Old as well as a top shelf 21 year old called Royal Salute.

This is the time if you already have a great job but what about your charismatic friend who wants big money but never seems interested in more than a never-ending party.Chivas Regal Scotch Whisky is launching their fourth year seeking two energetic and passionate Chivas Life Ambassador(How to best live the Chivas life) to represent its smooth spirit brand to travel the world , tell theirs experience in in return for one full year appointment and be paid $200,000 .And now the precious moment is here , once of your lifetime opportunity application , apply now! Come and experience Chivas Studio -The Chivas Regal is bringing the taste of Chiva life.More on Chivas Studio party experiences video clips …

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Blue Beauty – Spectacular Planet Earth Photo taken from Space

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How our earth looks like in the space?


Here you can find satellite photo taken on various part of the earth at day and night.


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The French Connection – NBA Tony Parker’s Hip-Hop Music Video

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  • Tony Parker, 24 , is the french NBA player of the San Antonio SPURS and captain of France’s national basketball team
  • Position : Point Guard
    Height : 6ft 2In (1.88m)
    Weight: 180Ibs (82kg)
  • Currently engaged to Desperate Housewives co-star Eva Longoria.
  • tpbt
    Debut hip-hop album “Balance-toi”(throw yourself around) on 26thMar.07, brandishing his lavish lifestyle in French.

    Tony Parker(San Antonio) is recording his first Hip Hop video Clip

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    New Invention to Healthier Pizza

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    Pizza Margherita resemblances Italian flag :- which traditionally is made with pomodoro (tomato) , mozzarella cheese and basil -representing respectively the red, white, and green of the Italian flag.
    PizzA Margarita pizza with real Mozzarella di Bufala (Mozzarella cheese made from
    buffalo milk instead of cow milk) .Pizza is an Italian Legend. The first modern pizza is named Pizza Margherita which is also considered the “classic” amongst pizzas.

    No longer Pizza is the junk food as the researcher was able to enhance its nutritional content , the amazing antioxidant by experimenting it with longer baking time , higher temperature and last but not least enough time for the yeast dough to rise.

    It is this key reducing agent antioxidant(such as vitamine C/E , pine bark , wild seabuck thorn , carotein or enriched palm oil processing cooking oil , red wine etc) that help to lower the risk of …

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    World After 10 Years Because Of INTERNET

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    Enjoy those funny stories about the internet.


    Picture Source:

    Picture Source:

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    Zhang Ziyi Has Replaced Maggie Cheung As The Jewelry Spokeswoman

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    Zhang Ziyi has replaced Maggie Cheung as the spokeswoman for a famous Hong Kong-based jewelry brand. Maggie Cheung has been the spokeswoman for the Hong Kong-based jewelry brand (世界铂金协会) since 2001. However, now it has replace by Zhang Ziyi.

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