• Tony Parker, 24 , is the french NBA player of the San Antonio SPURS and captain of France’s national basketball team
  • Position : Point Guard
    Height : 6ft 2In (1.88m)
    Weight: 180Ibs (82kg)
  • Currently engaged to Desperate Housewives co-star Eva Longoria.
  • tpbt
    Debut hip-hop album “Balance-toi”(throw yourself around) on 26thMar.07, brandishing his lavish lifestyle in French.

    Tony Parker(San Antonio) is recording his first Hip Hop video Clip

    with french Rapper BOOBA , one of the famost french raper and Fabolous.

    William Anthony (Tony) Parker, II May 17, 1982, born in Bruges, Belgium and raised in France .He iis a French National Basketball Association (NBA) player with the San Antonio Spurs and captain of France’s national basketball team. After playing for two years in the French basketball league, Parker entered the 2001 NBA Draft was selected by the San Antonio Spurs and became the second French player to play in the NBA, behind Tariq Abdul-Wahadand.

    Tony Parker is in following the footsteps of such athletes as Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest and several other NBA player trying to get into the Hip Hop business.

    The “Balance-toi,” in which Tony Parker bragging in French about his lavish lifestyle. Some of the less-than-impressive lyrics translate as: “What, you want to dance? No, it’s not worth it. Me, I’ll stay on the sofa, enjoying the vibe by raising my arms.” Not to get the jealousy of his fiancee , it also features the line: “I’ve already got my woman for life.”