Zhang Ziyi has replaced Maggie Cheung as the spokeswoman for a famous Hong Kong-based jewelry brand. Maggie Cheung has been the spokeswoman for the Hong Kong-based jewelry brand (世界铂金协会) since 2001. However, now it has replace by Zhang Ziyi.

Zhang Ziyi has attended a promotional event for the brand on 22nd March 2007 in Beijing. She has chose a pure white dress to match the huge platinum necklace she wore. During the event, Zhang Ziyi talked about the path to becoming a perfect woman.

When Maggie been ask for the feeling, she said that she have no comments again Zhang as they seen have the age generation gap. “我对她没什么看法,因为我和她年纪差很多,她比我聪明好多,我想我这套已经老了,大家根本不是一个年代”.