Napoleon Wife’s Watch Sold For $1.3 Million

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An 18K gold watch that belonged to Napoleon’s wife, Josephine Bonaparte, was sold for more than $1.3 million during Christie’s jewelry auction in Geneva on Nov. 12, 2007.

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Thai Boy Crowned Miss International Transsexual Queen 2007

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Miss International Queen 2007 transsexual beauty pageant was held in the Thai resort city of Pattaya, Thailand on November 11, 2007. The 21-year-old Thai student Tanyarat Jirapatpakon was beated other 23 stunning transsexual contestants from other countries and crowned Miss International Queen 2007.

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Daniel Craig Voted Best Celeb Bodies

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The British actor Daniel Craig who plays James Bond in “Casino Royale” has topped the list of “Best Celeb Bodies” in a recent poll conducted by a fitness firm.

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The Solar Car To Go On Sale

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Many of us are looking for a car that does not need to consume petrol, of course the solar car is the best idea. For those who are looking for the solar car, the Solar Bug from Steve Titus is exclusively designed for you and it is now available for pre-order.

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Japan Love Hotel: Sleazy or Steady

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luv-hotel.jpgIf you want some fast sex and plain fun in Japan, where do you go? Head for the notorious love hotels. Equipped with vibrating beds, they are well-known hideouts for sex and sleaze in the city. On the other hand, if you are a businessman, a holidaying family or a student traveler on a budget and looking for convenient accommodation, you’ll probably stay clear of these vice dens. But all these are set to change.

Travellers who look for decent budget hotels will most likely find addresses of love hotels in the Internet. Travelling businessmen who want to check in and out at their convenience will probably find these love hotels attractive. New marketing strategies are devised to appeal to a larger section of the market. One operator explains that these hotels function like a budget or low-cost airline with no frills and cheap prices.

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Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho from a Serial Killer

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christmas.jpgIf you run out of ideas for a special Christmas or New Year gift for children, get hold of a unique cartoon calendar from Germany. It is nothing commonplace or ordinary. Among other festive-looking cartoons, it depicts a serial killer, Fritz Haarmann, under a tree with Santa Claus giving out presents to children nearby. A hatchet was placed ominously next to the door. The notorious murderer killed 24 young men and boys in the 1920s and was beheaded in 1925.

The darkness of the macabre crime strikes a chord featured alongside the innocent cartoon drawings of children. Proceeds from the sale go to a charity for children with cancer.

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Love is in the Eyes

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pic24747.jpgBabies know it. If you smile at them and look them directly in the eye, they are more likely to beam at you. Research proves that it is true of adult relationship between men and women as well. Instead of physical beauty ranging from a sexy body, pouty lips, a strong jaw and glowing skin, what attracts a man to a woman and vice versa is the direct friendly gaze of the opposite sex. The eyes reveal love and desire. Beautiful eyes are an invaluable asset for an individual. Averted gaze, hostile look and unfriendly eyes are a put-down when it comes to sexual attraction.

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