luv-hotel.jpgIf you want some fast sex and plain fun in Japan, where do you go? Head for the notorious love hotels. Equipped with vibrating beds, they are well-known hideouts for sex and sleaze in the city. On the other hand, if you are a businessman, a holidaying family or a student traveler on a budget and looking for convenient accommodation, you’ll probably stay clear of these vice dens. But all these are set to change.

Travellers who look for decent budget hotels will most likely find addresses of love hotels in the Internet. Travelling businessmen who want to check in and out at their convenience will probably find these love hotels attractive. New marketing strategies are devised to appeal to a larger section of the market. One operator explains that these hotels function like a budget or low-cost airline with no frills and cheap prices. Rooms are rented out for a few hours at discounted rates. Customers can check in or out any time they like.

Will love hotels gain a reputable image? Can couples who walk in feel free from the scandalized eyes of society that they are engaging in illicit sex? Will love hotels be listed in the London Stock Exchange one day? All these are in the pipe line though undoing the bad image of love hotels will be an uphill task.