pic24747.jpgBabies know it. If you smile at them and look them directly in the eye, they are more likely to beam at you. Research proves that it is true of adult relationship between men and women as well. Instead of physical beauty ranging from a sexy body, pouty lips, a strong jaw and glowing skin, what attracts a man to a woman and vice versa is the direct friendly gaze of the opposite sex. The eyes reveal love and desire. Beautiful eyes are an invaluable asset for an individual. Averted gaze, hostile look and unfriendly eyes are a put-down when it comes to sexual attraction.

Eyewear and eye make-up manufacturers can bank in on this research finding. The bigger and more shining the eyes are, the more visible will be the come-thither signal to the opposite sex. Big eyes and not big boobs or muscles are the order of the day.