Embarrassing Moment Of Sophie Anderton

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The lingerie model and reality TV star in UK, Sophie Anderton was on catwalk on a lingerie show recently. It was a normal lingerie show to present the latest designs. However, it was also the embarrassing moment of Sophie Anderton when she was almost falls down while returning to the backstage.

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Holy Images On Pancake

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The images of Jesus and Mary appeared on a pancake, cooked by Marilyn in her kitchen. Her daughter Dana O’Kane spotted the holy images when she served it in the morning.

Dana O’Kane said: “I saw Jesus and Mary”.

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Thieves Steal $777,000 Car While Owner Dines

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A luxury car Mayback limousine worth $777,000 was stolen by a group of men while the car’s owner was dinning in a Moscow restaurant on Nov. 14, 2007.

The driver of the car owner was bundled by the thieves and put into the back seat. Russian media Kommersant newspaper said the thieves threatened to kill the driver. But he was later abandoned outside Moscow’s ring road.

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Singapore Bans Microsoft Video Game For Sex Scene

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Singapore’s Media Development Authority has banned a Microsoft Corp video game “Mass Effect” that contains a sex scene, it was reported by a local newspaper, The Straits Times on Nov. 15, 2007.

“Mass Effect” is a highly anticipated futuristic space adventure game from Microsoft. The sex scene of the video game is showing a human woman kissing and caressing an alien woman.

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Youtube To Offer HD Videos Soon

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The popular online video-sharing company, Youtube which has developed into a global phenomenon is currently working on HD video capabilities which aimed to enhance your Internet video-sharing experience, according to Youtube co-founder Steve Chen.

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Matt Damon Named Sexiest Man Alive 2007

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The 37-year-old Hollywood star Matt Damon appears on the cover of the annual issue of People magazine where he has been honored “Sexiest Man Alive” of the year by People magazine.

Matt Damon said he was surprised to know that he won the title. He said: “Don’t get me wrong, though. I was really shocked and happy (Lucy said I actually blushed) when I heard the news. So I can’t thank you enough for that.”

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Restaurant With Toilet Theme

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If you go to Taipei, don’t forget to visit this unique restaurant. The name of the restaurant in the Shilin district in Taipei is called Modern Toilet. There is no chair in the restaurant, all the seats are made from toilet bowls, the tables are modified by sinks and the bowls used to serve foods are toilet bowls also.

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