Beautiful and elegant British star, Liz Hurley, is tying the knot with Arun Nayar in full Indian splendour and traditions. The wedding will be hosted at a grand 548-year old palace in Rajasthan for three days while special guests will be flown in from Britain to India.

The demure bride will be dressed in splendid Indian saree, tattooed with henna and symbolically tied to her husband with a red string. A priest will chant blessings over them in Arun’s private family home. Red paint will be smeared onto the bride’s hair to welcome her into the family. Liz will then bend down and kiss her in-laws’ feet. The couple will exchange flower garlands rather than wedding rings.

On the wedding day, Arun will arrive on a white horse to carry Liz to the place where their wedding ceremony will be held. Again, they are tied to one another and Arun will lead Liz to walk round the fire seven times to seal their marriage. Liz wil then be presented with wedding bangles which had been washed in milk. The wedding seems like a movie with a famous Hollywood cast and a Bollywood script. But how much of this is for show? Will the marriage last a lifetime? Or will fans remember the fairytale wedding long after the couple has gone their separate ways? Lets wish them all the best, With blessings from the Hindu Gods and the Christian God, they shouldn’t do too badly.

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