British model and actress Elizabeth_Hurley

British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley will wear a ₤4,000 pink silk sari for her traditional Indian-style wedding to a jetsetting businessman Arun Nayar which is set for early March.

Hurley or Elizabeth Jane Hurley is an English actress, fashion model, producer and designer. She is also the main spokesmodel for Estée Lauder Within her first month with the company Hurley launched the best-selling perfume Pleasures. In 2006 Hurley’s contract with Estée Lauder was renewed for the 12th year with a subsequent contract extension.

Hurley was also the former lover of Hollywood actor Hugh Grant. Her 13-year relationship with Grant ended in 2000 after his well-publicised encounter with a prostitute. Two years later, she had a son with US film producer Steve Bing. She met Nayar, who is sort of celebrity himself, shortly after her child was born.

Hurley is looking forward on her marriage with Nayar and also thinking of having a baby with him. According to The Times of India Newspaper, Nayar and Hurley will have their hearts set on the Devigarh palace in Rajasthan for their traditional wedding.

The ₤4,000 pink silk sari is created by Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani. Tarun Tahiliani, one of the leading fashion designers in India, is the founder of the Tarun Tahiliani Design Studio. His signature designs are synonymous with high fashion and impeccable sensibility, with style, craftsmanship, quality and refinement as the defining symbols.

Model/actress Elizabeth Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar