ehurley.jpgBritish model and actress Elizabeth Hurley announced that she was quitting acting and setting up an organic farm a few months ago and that got the world in shock and some said she was crazy. However, the organic status will take a while to get approved. She was very excited to be involved in the process. “It’s the only place I want to be. When we get our organic status we’re going to farm properly and we’re going to have a herd of cows and proper sheep and proper chickens, and we’re going to have Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs,” she said.

She is a former face of Estee Lauder and has starred as the leading lady in Hollywood blockbusters Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery and Bedazzled, but she has failed to impress critics with her “wooden” performances.

She will be getting married next month to a businessman Arun Nayar. Her wedding is expected to take place at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire on March 3. She will wear a 4,000 pound ($11,200) pink silk sari for her traditional Indian-style wedding. Her ex-boyfriend, Hugh Grant, who is also the godfather to her son, is expected to attend her wedding. They were together with for 13 years and their relationship was ended in 2000 after his well-publicised encounter with a prostitute. It was reported that Grant’s girlfriend, Jemima Khan dumped him last week after his failure to commit to her. It has also been reported that Khan did not get on with Hurley.

Hurley had a son with US film producer Steve Bing in 2002. She met Nayar shortly after her child was born.