hgrant.jpgIt was a shocked evening for the famous British actor, Hugh Grant at the premier of his latest movie, Music & Lyrics on the 23th Feb 2007. A prankster suddenly handcuffed herself to him. She, Cielke Sijben, was a journalist working for Dutch TV Network 101 TV. Out of nowhere, she suddenly leaped herself forward when Grant walked on the red carpet and clamped a metal handcuff on his wrist, attaching herself to him.

Grant was confused for a while and stood for 10 minutes while the police detained her and fire fighters were summoned to free him from his captor. The fire fighters cut off the hand cuffs to free him up.

It was reported by one of the crowd that “It was incredible. She appeared from nowhere and Grant couldn’t believe it was happening. But he was the ultimate professional. He just stood in silence and waited for the fire fighters to free him.

“He did look relieved when he disappeared into the theatre – she could have been a maniac.”

Grant is lucky that this fan of his is not a physcho person or else it might be a nightmare for him.