Pregnant-Belly Painting Art

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Today, painting belly is an artistic way to honor their babies-to-be. For some, this is the best way to commemorate the experience of pregnancy..

But, it is Art? Only you can judge..

Below is all the rage to showoff your belly…

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USB Drive Inflates With Storage

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USB drives come with thousands of designs and colors; some of them are extraordinary weird. But I like this USB drive so much, it is awesome. It just looks like a normal USB drive when it is new without data. But it inflates with its storage and the size of the USB drive blows up like a balloon when the storage is full.

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Intelligent Door Can Tell Lock Or Unlock Status By Changing Its Colors

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I call this door as “Intelligent Door” because it indicates its status when it is locked or unlocked by changing the color of the entire door. Unlike the normal doors that we use to see especially in the toilets, the status of the door when it is locked is show on the door lock, which you have to go near it before you can read it.

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This Is A Ghost Mirror

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Have you seen a ghost mirror before and do you know how to define a mirror is a ghost mirror? There are many definitions but if a mirror that you can see the reflection of your surroundings but you can’t find your image in the mirror, then possibly this is a ghost mirror.

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Dirty Keyboard?

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keyboard.jpgCan anything in the office be dirtier than a toilet seat? Try the computer keyboard. Microbiologist Dr Peter Wilson said a keyboard was often “a reflection of what is in your nose and in your gut”. No kidding! If someone in the office has a cold or gastroenteritis, it’s very likely for you to pick up the virus from a shared computer keyboard.

Think of the number of people who gobble their hamburger/fries in front of the computer, eat junk food or don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet.

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NapTV Is A TV And Also A Stool

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NapTV is a new idea from designer Sung-kyu Nam. It is a flat screen TV but it can be used as stool when you are not watching the TV program. With NapTV, you can choose the best position to watch the TV program, you can even lying flat and the TV’s screen is just above your face, cool!

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Bento Boxes Designed As Rock Album Covers

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I’d never seen a lunch box that can be decorated as awesome like these bento lunch boxes. The Japanese food hackers cut and arrange the bento lunch boxes to make them look like the covers of rock album.

The ingredients of the lunch boxes including egg, paprika, nori (seaweed sheet), kamaboko (fish sausage), carrot, potato, ham, black sesame and rice.

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