I call this door as “Intelligent Door” because it indicates its status when it is locked or unlocked by changing the color of the entire door. Unlike the normal doors that we use to see especially in the toilets, the status of the door when it is locked is show on the door lock, which you have to go near it before you can read it.

But this Brightdoor can let you know its status even you are one-kilometre away. The entire door is green when unlocked, and it will turn to red when locked.

This is the design by designing company Lervik Design. It is a creative design but it would waste power, not environmental friendly. I like the concept but frankly speaking, I will never installed it at my house; firstly, I don’t need it; secondly, I would rather spending the money for other purposes rather than spending the money to pay my electricity bill.

But the color status is using Green and Red, I am wondering, if a person who is color blind, can he differential it? I don’t think so; this is the shortcoming of this concept door, which is less practical.