Big Girls Don’t Cry

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Big Girls Don’t Cry is a pop song written by Stacy Ferguson and Toby Gad for Fergie’s debut solo album The Dutchess, and released as the album’s fourth single in 2007. In July 2007, Fergie performed the song at the Concert for Diana and Live Earth. Her song is awesome, sweet and warm. This is the best song she has ever done and let’s enjoy her amazing voice.

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Angelina Jolie in Iraq

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While Brad Pitt is playing as a nanny to the children back in NYC, Angelina Jolie is seen here in Iraq with her bullet proof vest in her role as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

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Brad Pitt and Daughter Zahara Joyous Pictures in the Central Park

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Brad Pitt and his adopted Zahara was having a good time at the New York Central Park while his wife, Angelina Jolie has been in and out of Iraq. These precious quality time spent at the park was captured and could be seen Zahara eating ice cream, swinging round, in horse-drawn carriage ride and more with Brad Pitt happy moments.

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Gmail Video Compaign: The Final Cut of Behind the Scenes

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This is Gmail collaborative final video where Google invited all Gmail fans to join and create a 10 second duration video to feature Gmail M-velope of how an email message travels around the world. This was creatively done by using mails to connect the world with everyone to circumstances which fly about as animated pictures. The result received was over 1,100 fascinating clips from more than 65 countries. The final cut is approximately two and half minutes duration, a new form of collaborative relay matching film production.

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70-year-old Woman Has World’s Smallest Waist

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The 70-year-old North Carolina grandmother Cathie Jung has the world’s smallest waist; her waistline measures only 15 inches. The Guinness Book Of Records has recognized her as the smallest waist on a living person; the record for the smallest waist ever goes to Ethel Granger who had a wasit of just 13″.

Cathie’s astonishing 39-15-39 figure is the result of wearing tight corsets in last 25 years, which only remove when she showers and only when the weather is unbearably hot. She is wearing 24 hours a day now. “I probably have around 100 of them,” Cathie said.

Her body figure really looks like hourglass figure. Lady with small waistline looks sexy but if only 15 inches… I can’t imagine how she could possibly eat more than a single bite without exploding and wondering how frequent she goes to pee.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Got New Tattoos

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Brad Pitt and his girlfriend Angelina Jolie who is known for her love of body art, reportedly got the new body art pieces done last week. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have got new his and her tattoos by an artist from tattoo shop Chicago Tattooing Co. at their hotel during a trip to Chicago last week.

A source said, “An artist from the company slipped up to the 18th floor of the Peninsula Hotel. He spent the better part of a day needling Angelina and Brad, and some members of staff and security team.”

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Sony New Bravia Liquid Crystal Television

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The BRAVIA new model with largest picture 70 inches model from 40V to 70V

Sony announcing its largest 70 inches, 70V type new model in its 15 models of liquid crystal television named Bravia. Time fast drive technology ‘motion flow’ is loaded and utilized the radio frequency of 2.4GHz in its non-directional remote control.

It functions as the photographing effect by inspecting the blurring of the picture and starts to project smoothly towards the object, and revises anew to add IB reduction performance to time fast drive technology motion flow. All type has 10 bit panel which is superior in gradation expression power, also the wide band back light system for the live colour creation. Only the high end model has 3 primary colours red/green/blue which used LED for back light system.

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