The 70-year-old North Carolina grandmother Cathie Jung has the world’s smallest waist; her waistline measures only 15 inches. The Guinness Book Of Records has recognized her as the smallest waist on a living person; the record for the smallest waist ever goes to Ethel Granger who had a wasit of just 13″.

Cathie’s astonishing 39-15-39 figure is the result of wearing tight corsets in last 25 years, which only remove when she showers and only when the weather is unbearably hot. She is wearing 24 hours a day now. “I probably have around 100 of them,” Cathie said.

Her body figure really looks like hourglass figure. Lady with small waistline looks sexy but if only 15 inches… I can’t imagine how she could possibly eat more than a single bite without exploding and wondering how frequent she goes to pee.


“The first time I ever wore a custom-made corset was on my wedding day in 1959, when I was 22. I always liked corsets. When I watched films like Gone With The Wind and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers I just loved the women’s figures,” Cathie said.


“Later, my husband and I developed an interest in Victorian clothing. When I was 45 I decided to start doing ‘tight lacing’ and wearing a corset all the time. My three children were grown-up so I decided to go for it. I thought it would be a good way to feel elegant and sexy,” she added.