The BRAVIA new model with largest picture 70 inches model from 40V to 70V

Sony announcing its largest 70 inches, 70V type new model in its 15 models of liquid crystal television named Bravia. Time fast drive technology ‘motion flow’ is loaded and utilized the radio frequency of 2.4GHz in its non-directional remote control.

It functions as the photographing effect by inspecting the blurring of the picture and starts to project smoothly towards the object, and revises anew to add IB reduction performance to time fast drive technology motion flow. All type has 10 bit panel which is superior in gradation expression power, also the wide band back light system for the live colour creation. Only the high end model has 3 primary colours red/green/blue which used LED for back light system.

Bravia Engine link button is utilised in standard remote control and non-directional remote control

The new range of Bravia LCD TVs, the Full HD X-series and V- series, features the proprietary one-chip digital processor, Bravia Engine and Live Colour Creation technology to deliver high-quality viewing.