pl1aHumans have come a long way to seek one way or another to illuminate the dark, from fire, candles, oil and kerosene lamps. This time, the new invention has outmatched incandescent lamp and not only that, it is also six times thinner than the panel made from LEDs (Light emitting diodes).

This is not an ordinary light bulb for its panels less than 1mm thick are constructed of aluminum foil, sapphire and small quantity of gas. These flexible plasma arrays offer abundant opportunities to hang on the wall just like picture frames and can also be mounted on curved surface, inside windshields where light can actually glow, to foreseeable hi-tech and biomedical application such as ultra thin bendable TV color display and photo therapeutic bandages treatment.

iba1aUnlike fluorecent lamps, these microcavity plasma, like having a radiating area of 225 square centimeters as shown on the right, utilizes electrons to excite gas and radiate light in a much more confined space requiring” no ballast, reflector or heavy metal housing”. Moreover, they are brighter, lighter and more efficient than incandescent lights and expected to surpass the efficiency of fluorescent lights.

Look out for the near future to which aluminum foil light application is within reach.