Can you imagine that, bendable color display on your hand?

In what are the popular flat panel TV market now for LCD (liquid crystal displays) and PDP (plasma display panels), would have to give way to the first ever evolution of 2-in-1 combination technology, that is Sony’s new paper thin and yet pliable full colour display video.

Its width is only two and half inches, and thickness is one-hundred of an inch. Breakthrough not only in its ultra thin, yet extremely unbreakable but also a display of 2-in-1 technologies of LCD and PDP. A short excerpt of the video can be found right here via the AP.

The new pliable display technology cannot be imitated by neither LCD nor PDP for it is a thin, organic film transistor which gives its flexibility with electroluminescent display.

“In the future, it could get wrapped around a lamppost or a person’s wrist, even worn as clothing,” said Sony spokesman Chisato Kitsukawa. “Perhaps it can be put up like wallpaper.” according to venturacountaystar news.

It has since become an envy to competitors who have ever perfected or jump to the same bandwagon for the future market of LCD and PDP like Samsung, LG, Pioneer, Philip and Panasonic.

“To come up with a flexible screen at that image quality is groundbreaking,” Mori, an engineering and computer science professor at Nagoya University said. “You can drop it, and it won’t break because it’s as thin as paper.”

Right now would be the critical steps for Sony to establish its market command of quality, cost and numerous ways of daily aspect usage to jump ahead, and become market leader for years to come for their rivals entry barrier.