Kate Middleton – fairytale princess or harrassed public figure of the second-in-line to the English throne? A woman who will succumb to the weight of the royal history or rise to the challenges of her role as Princess? Demure and well-groomed or sexy and wild? Will she chart her own destiny or trail the fate of Princess Diana?

Kate Middleton was born in Berkshire England. The eldest among her three siblings, she was active and independent from young. She rode horses, played tennis, and roamed outdoors in her young days. Her parents were working as a stewardess and a pilot for an airline before they decided to venture into their own party business. Kate went to St Andrews in Scotland to study and met Prince William in this quiet and charming town. While not highly popular or notorious, Kate nevertheless got the attention of the media, if not Prince William, when she strutted down the catwalk in a see-through kinky piece for a charity show.

She worked for a short time as a junior purchaser before helping in the family business. She spent a lot of time partying and clubbing with Prince William before they decided to tie the knot. With no substantial work experience, nor having suffered many bumps and bruises in life thus far, Kate may be little prepared to deal with the pressure that awaits her as Princess of Wales. With little under her belt beyond a fashion icon and a frivolous lifestyle, Kate may not bring much significant contribution to the public role that awaits her. The empty and dull routine may take a toll on her. On the other hand, her active involvement in sports may have made her mentally stronger and more prepared for her role. She has also displayed decorum and discreetness in her public appearances thus far. The steely glint in her eyes hint of a strong and itelligent personality. But Kate, is of course, battling the changes that have visited the marriage institution all over the world. The marriage institution is crumbling; failed marriages, separations, and divorces are rife. It is never easy to a be a woman or a wife; it is a thousand times more difficult when the whole country scrutinises every detail in your marriage and feel that they have the right to interfere whenever they like.