Sometime stress could be a vital harm to our physical and mental, to overcome your stress, you must know how to Relax. Here is a few advice and guide to help you Relax.
How To Relax - A Guide To Relax Yourself

Always practices this:

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1) Exercise – When our body is busy, so did our mind. When we doing exercise we will forget most of work stress and life problem. Exercise can keep your mind healthier beside your body. It also help us to relax better during a night, when we are going to sleep we’ll sleep and relax better.

2) Read and listen to a good news – Sometime a bad news have a bad effect for our mind, This affect our mind and making us hard to relax. So make sure you read, watch and listen to the good news.

3) Avoid Poison People – This kind of people will always tell you a negative thing about yourself, telling you what you should not do or you are not good enough. Avoid meeting them regularly if thry try to guilt you into doing things even they are your family or close friend

4) Avoid negative thinking people who always complaining and think too much – Stress can spread like a wild fire, so avoid transmitter. If you feel that your mind is disturbed by listening to them, avoid them so contagious stress will stop spreading. Tell them there are always a solution for a problem if you would like to help them.

5) Massage each other with people that are close with us – Ask your wife or girlfriend to massage for you, do that back to her. It help our body to relax while doing that talk to each other on a positive topic like ” where shall we have our dinner tonight”. This way is good to lighten up you and your girlfriend mood. If you don’t have anyone to help you go to your local spa for a great massage.

6) Laugh and smile – Research by health institute show that laugh can be the best medicine to overcome stress because its help body to releases endorphins which is helping to reduce stress. It work even if you fake your laugh and smile. If you can’t force your laugh or smile then watch some funny TV programs.

7) Breath technique – Take a deep breath, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Inhale deeply and count to five, then exhale slowly and counting to five. Repeat this ten times will help to relax your muscles and nerves.

8) Listen to relaxing music – Don’t choose rock, reggae or heavy metal music. Listen to slow music does help to maintain you heart beat at the normal rate, this help you to relax easily.

9) Focus your mind by working – Work are also a good way to avoid stress and help you relax, if work is source of your stress, stop working before you can deal with your stress. Choose the other alternative.

10) Pratice Meditation -Make your mind peaceful by empty all thought and emotion and concentrating on your breathing. This way is use by Buddhist monks throughout their lives. It is very effective but takes some practice.

11) Do Yoga – It help to loosen your muscle and nerve system, give you a peace of mind.

12) Sex -Having sex help body to release a useful hormone to reduce stress and help us to relax mind. People that have a fair times of sex every week will tend to relax better.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Inhale deeply, count to five, then exhale slowly, counting to five. Do this ten times to relax your muscles and nerves.