Talking about latest gaming console are always a breathtaking topic for most gamer, but when it came to which gaming console you’re going to buy is a hard decision to make. Today we’ll highlighted some features and comparison on both famous gaming console, including the value, performance, specification, extra feature, design and much more. The match begin between Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite VS Sony PS3   At the price of $299, both actually is similar in the price. This make this round decision making is easier.

microsotf xbox 360 elitesony playstation3

First of all let open up a box of both gaming console, and take a look what’s inside? You can find a power cable, wireless controller composite a/v cable in both boxes. The different is Xbox 360 will provide buyer’s with extra component cable which is use for HD output while composite cable is provided by both manufacturer as a standard output usage. PS3 will provide you with USB cable for charging wireless controller while Xbox 360 will give a headset for talking during online gaming. For the first round I’m sure Xbox 360 is outdone PS3.

For this round we’ll compare about the features:

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite : Hard Drive 120 GB, add-on Wi-Fi for $99, DVD Disc Drive, HDMI supported  but cable not included, no Bluetooth, Compatibility with backward version: some, Online Gaming =$50 / per year.

Sony PS3: Hard Drive 120 GB, Wi-Fi included, Blu-Ray Disc Drive, HDMI supported  but cable not included, with Bluetooth, Compatibility with backward version: backward to PS1, Online Gaming = Free.

HD Movies:

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite: Blu-Ray non available, Streaming with Internet: Netfix = $9 per month and Xbox Livemarketplace = $ 6 per month.

Sony PS3: Blu-Ray: $18.49 per disc and Netfix $ per month, Streaming with Internet: Playstation Video Store = $ 4.50 HD rental.

GameS List (already out):

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite: Gear of War 2, Mass Effect, G.R.A.W, GTA 4, Portal: Still Alive, Geometry Wars 2, Forza 2, Rez HD, Left 4 Dead.

Sony PS3: MLB 09′ The Show, Rachet and Clank: Tools of destruction, Demon’s Soul, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Ninja Gaiden: Sigma.

In term of design:

Talking about design PS3 is build slimmer and look better, while Xbox 360 come with a big adapter. This round the winner is Sony Playstation.


For PS3 is build in with so much important device like Bluetooth, Blu-Ray, Wi-Fi. So it’s look like PS3 is a good choice in term of value.


At this level both is almost match, so don’t worry about this.

Final thing you should consider before you make your decision is why is do you playing? what are the certain game you want to play, do you want to play with Blu-Ray, What do your friend have so you can be compatible with them. I hope I can help you to have a better understanding and make a good choice, choose wisely.

Still don’t know how to make decision? Watch this video review.