After I try to applying this tips on my friend HTC Hero, I witnessed a very serious bump up in a battery life for this handhelds. My friend agreed that this guide is useful and some of these tips can be actually applied to other handhelds as well, so you might want to check them out even if you don’t own an HTC Hero yet.


Ever since HTC Hero was first announced, this smartphones have gain much popularity.  Many owner claim that they are very satisfied with their HTC Hero, this smart phone is great and having the ability to run apps and processes in background gives it a clear edge over the iPhone. But when we are talking about the smartphone battery life, the truth of the matter is that its battery life is far from great when we compared to some other similar power packs available out there. The users end up having to give it some more juice before getting through a full day or 2 .

What you should do to improving battery life?

1) Turn off the “Baddest PARASITE” (a.k.a. Always Switch On Mobile Data Connection) that suck most juice out of your smartphone.

This is most likely the one feature that drains most of your handheld’s battery, especially since it’s clear that you don’t really need it to work all the time. I mean, what’s the point of having the data connection on during the night, when you’re not using it anyway? Plus, by de-selecting the “Enable always-on mobile data” check box in the “Mobile Network Settings” menu, you’re likely to enjoy a lower cost of usage as well.

2) Let GPS doing the positioning alone and switch-off Wireless Network Usage.

HTC smartphone  also uses wireless network triangulation for aiding the GPS in getting a more rapid fix on the handheld’s position. And while some people might find this useful, the truth of the matter is that the GPS feature can handle this task by itself at a little slower rate, so it’s a good idea to switch off the use of wireless networks for location. This can be disabled via Menu => Settings => Location => Use wireless networks. This will turn off the anonymous (?) Google location data collection that uses the wireless data connection frequently. I still keep the GPS tick box checked as it is not an always-on configuration.

3) Switch-off “Background Data” transfers – But don’t do that if you’re using Google services.

This will minimize background data usage that keeps the Hero’s network connedtions active and use a lot of power during the day. However, if you happen to be using some of the Google services implemented in the Hero, such as Gmail, Calendar and Contacts, you’ll have to let this one go, since you’ll need the connection for permanent synching to the Google servers. This checkbox is hidden behind Menu => Settings => Data synchronization => Google => Background data.

4) Always switch Wi-Fi off when not in use.

Even when we are are within Wi-fi  broadcast area. We are not not necessary to turn on Wi-Fi as we can switch it on anytime when we need to use it, its take only few second to do that. The Wi-Fi can be disabled from Menu => Settings => Wireless controls and de-select “Wi-Fi”. I highly recommend installing the completely free Y5 Battery Saver application. It automatically turns off the Wi-Fi when when out of range and enables it again when you are close to known access points to save battery life .

5) Disable/Avoid push e-mail / weather updates / Facebook and Twitter updates

6) Always keep Bluetooth off when not in use

With all these useful tips, your smartphone will come back alive and if this does not help you a lot. Guess what? You do need an extra spare battery.