Satisfy with your MacBook existing build in satellite speaker sound?!, but not the bass sound that your Macbook kick out. Instead of silencing the MacBook’s surprisingly good built-in speakers when you hook it up, like a regular internal speaker, what they lack the most is the bass. Imagine your nice sound Mac-Book tweeter plus extra bass, how is this sound?  With BassJump Sub-woofer also mean that there are fewer cables and boxes around your MacBook on your desk.

bass jump woofer macbook

After installing and configuring software provided, plug in BassJump sub woofer speaker. It’s also surprisingly easy to configure because there are less of cable will be use, only plug in single USB cable to a spare USB port (good luck on that). The software can be tune to determine whether the sound is split and send to either the sub or the MacBook existing satellites using the crossover frequency control provided by the software. You can also choose an EQ preset such as “rck” or “pop”  and the best thing I like is you can control the volume of the bass independently without tuning up our bass EQ frequency to choose how big a kick you get. Build by aluminum-bodied BassJump costs the same as many full 2.1 speaker setups. The advantage, we suppose, is that the BassJump means fewer boxes and cables on your desk and easier to set up and carry around. At $80 it’s certainly worthy for it performance and mobility. Shall we call it o.1 speaker??