Casio, the creator of G-Shock watch is releasing another durable gadget which is the Casio Exilim EX-G1 Camera. Wonder how tough is it? Drop it from seven feet (in many tests it manage to survived drops from 26 different angles) and treat it like how you drop a bowling in bowling tournament, it will survive. You can also have your shoot for an hour at ten feet below the water, use it in cold weather down to minus 10ºC (14ºF). It’s still won’t get frozen.

Casio Exilim EX-G1 Camera

Casio has realized that a ruggedized camera should look tough. Normally these kinds of shock-resistant, waterproof, dust-proof machines come in big, bubble-shaped, brightly colored cases. So they built it to look tough as it was, look can be always convincing. The camera is split into inner and outer sections, like a Casio G-Shock watch. The sealed inner part contains the electronics, and the outer part has extra sealing. The lens, for example, has a reinforced glass cover and a resin ring to absorb shocks. This all houses a 12 megapixel sensor, a 2.5-inch screen, a 38-114mm (35 mm equivalent) zoom lens and an 848×480 movie-mode. It’s hard enough to withstand a man violence.

Available December in black or red, for $300. For this price is not bad at all to acquire this durable gadget.