Are you a Google™ regular user or did you always use a Google™ Search Engine? It doesn’t even matter if you are using Yahoo because now you can have a Google® toilet paper in your toilet too.

google toilet paper

Produce by 100% of virgin pulp and made in Vietnam is a toilet paper label with the word “Google®”! If you translate the text on the package which in Vietnam language it’s written the “Google®” toilet paper is very soft, long, and silky smooth.  I think this is not a another product by famous Web Google™ but it’s another product of Vietnam that they even trademark the word “Google®” for their toilet paper. So don’t confuse yourself with “Google™” and “Google®” toilet paper.

I wonder how this Vietnam Google® toilet paper will effectively search a dirt on my butt much better than the other toilet paper?! While the other Google™ in the web is effectively provided us with related search result. Anyone want to place your order?