Hey, serious gamers out there. I just wanna to share something with you. Do you love car and gaming? I’m sure you did, but it’s impossible to do mix this two thing up because one is outdoor while the other one is in door activities. Wait did I said that? Yes way, it can.. and it’s build by a Toyota car manufacturer.

gamer dream car 04

Toyota is clearly in tune with the next generation of gamers by unveiling the Tacoma All-Terrain Gamer (ATG) concept that comprises of a Toyota pickup with a quartet of Xbox consoles within, a Warthog from Halo and a Monster energy drink dispenser to keep you going through those marathon gaming sessions. Built in a powerful sound system, you will find four 24″ LCD monitors from Samsung adorning the cabin center, swinging out to provide individual gamers with their own display. As for spectators, they can sit outside and view all the thrills and spills via a 60″ Sharp LCD TV that is mounted in the Tacoma’s trailer receiver hitch. It’s boring to challenge your competitor at your house and invite spectators over. Why don’t you just move out and invite them straight away, challenge them in front of public. Sure, it will be a lot of fun and will attract more spectators with this serious game machine.

gamer dream car 02gamer dream car 03

A look inside a car interior isn’t only design for gaming but the car look like a race car with TRD Engine, sport seat, powerful set of sound system, can drink tray and illuminated green light under the car. Well done, Toyota for the overall design of entire car. From the hood to the console controller, Wish that you own one now?

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gamer dream car 09