The ketchup packet cutter is one of those products that are so simple yet pure genius. Let’s face it, opening up ketchup packets without making a mess is a MAJOR problem (ok, maybe not as big as poverty, war, or hunger, but it’s gotta be top 10 for sure). Officially called “Khort”, which I guess means something or other in Portuguese that Google doesn’t translate, the device slits open your sauce packets in one easy swoop. It can be attached to a napkin dispenser or wall and it collects the corners it cuts off inside it’s body.

The Khort makes opening packets quick and easy and lets you pour out your sauce in a manner more smooth than you can really imagine a sauce packet pouring. Like super smooth. Fast food restaurant commercial smooth. Check out the video for some sweet saucing action:

It looks like the Khort is only available in Brazil right now, but it’s an inexpensive and useful gadget that maybe could catch on in fast food restaurants here in the U.S