This flash drive is made of 100% post consumer unbleached recycled cardboard. If that’s not green enough for you, it is extremely light at only 18grams and is made in compliance with RoHS specifications for non-toxicity and reducing hazardous substances. The reduction in packaging and shipping costs to the environment are substantial. The company, Promo Key Chain, also uses a web server that is 100% wind powered and has definitely found a selection of innovative products for their eco-friendly USB drive line.



This recycled tube version is also 100% post consumer unbleached recycled cardboard. They are marketing these drives as promotional devices for companies. Your logo can be printed on the sides of the tube or paperboard packaging. This device can be ordered in up to a 16GB version which would hold up to 80,000 pages of text. That’s 80,000 pieces of paper that don’t need to be used. This would be a great promotional idea to send out company pamphlets, portfolios, manuals, etc. to people. Not only would it save all that wasted paper, it is a reusable device so the customer can use it for their own personal use while looking at the promotional logo and stylish green packaging.