The latest Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer video reveals a movie of the global phenomenon, is epic proportions laden with special effects. The studio has kept loyal fans waiting quite awhile for this movie which was originally set for a November 2008 release. Recently the July 17 Harry Potter release date was moved ahead two days to July 15, 2009.

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With the new Harry Potter trailer video we get our first look at some previously unseen footage from the movie. Harry Potter has begun his sixth year at Hogwards and meanwhile his nemesis, Lord Voldemort is causing turmoil and chaos throughout Great Britain. He orders an attack on London and in the trailer we witness the destruction of some of the city’s notable landmarks including Trafalgar Square and the Millennium Bridge.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was directed by David Yates, who also directed the fifth movie in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Once again, Daniel Radcliffe reprises his role as Harry Potter once again along with several returning cast members who include Rupert Alexander as Ron Weasley, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger, with celebrated British actor Sir Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore.

Here, you can see several photos from the movie and watch the Harry Potter Trailer video below.

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