In the August 2009 issue of Details magazine, Hayden Panettiere opens up about her paparazzi paranoia, having a high profile personal life and getting beat up in middle school. Here are the highlights:

Being different: “It wasn’t like I suddenly started feeling different. I always knew that I was. I never felt I missed out – in fact, it was like, ‘Oh, thank God I’m not that.”

Being bullied in junior high school: “I was tortured, emotionally tortured by these girls. Every time I came back from filming, it would be me trying to find my way back into the clique. And they weren’t having it.”

She failed romance with pedo bear (Milo Ventimiglia): “When it comes to relationships, it’s nice to have something that is your own and not everyone else’s. That’s not part of my job. I never stood up on a podium and said, ‘Vote for me – I’m perfect. I’ll be this for you and never do anything wrong.”

Her father’s arrest: “It’s turned my life upside down and shaken it,” Hayden stated frankly. “It was very tough, especially since it’s my family. It’s one thing if you do it to me. I get frustrated, but I can handle it. But when it involves my family, my friends, forget it—I lose my…”

In dealing with the tabloid media: “I learned the game. The more I react, the angrier I get, the more satisfaction they get. That’s exactly what they want.”

Here’s our favourite Pantyliner’s photoshopped cutery for Details magazine August 2009.

hayden-panettiere-details-04 hayden-panettiere-details-03 hayden-panettiere-details-05 hayden-panettiere-details-02

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