Bowling is my favourite game and if you are a bowler like me, you must know that it is not easy to get a perfect game. However, a 78-year-old legally blind man has bowled a perfect game during a league play.

Dale Davis, nickname “The Hammer” from Alta, Iowa, throwing 12 strikes in a row to get the perfect game.


A perfect game in bowling, also known as a 300 point game, is the best score possible in Ten-pin Bowling.

“It’s a great sport. It’s something the young, the old and the handicapped can do,” Davis said. “I guess I count as the old and handicapped.”

Davis has suffered from macular degeneration, a chronic eye disease, for the past decade. He can’t see out of his left eye and has limited peripheral vision in his right eye. Davis can see the ball when he picks it up; he judges his throw by listening to the sound.

For your knowledge, “legally blind” means anyone with vision worse than 20/200 that cannot be improved with corrective lenses is considered legally blind. In addition, people with a visual field of less than 20 degrees diameter (10 degrees radius) are also considered legally blind.