ts_7k320.jpgHitachi Global Storage Technologies has again improved and updated their Travelstar lineup of laptop hard drives by unveiling the industry’s only fourth-generation 7200 RPM 2.5-inch hard drive with capacities up to 320GB. With the spinning capacity of 7200RPM, this new Travelstar 7K320 is considered as the fastest mobile drive available at this moment and also a significant milestone in the industry. Even though featured with extremely high speed, the manufacturer has ensured that this new drive will not scarify the battery life simply. In fact the statistic shown that it consumes approximately 22% lower power consumption compare to 7K200. Besides that, the latest Travelstar 7K320 also feature optional Bulk Data Encryption (BDE) with a SATA 1.5Gb/s interface for hard-drive-level data security.

Travelstar 7200 RPM is designed to target high-performance needs of multi-tasking commercial users and consumers on-the-go. The price tag for this new storage device is approximately $219 and it will be available in few weeks time.

Download Travelstar 7K320 Datasheet