For printing of those things that you don’t need to keep permanently, it would be awesome to use Xerox paper. Xerox has come up with self-erasing paper that can be used over and over again.

Yes, it is self-erasing, not erasable. The Xerox paper will leave with an entirely blank sheet of paper after 24 hours and you can reuse the paper up to 100 times.

Wanna know how it works? The answer is here:
“The paper contains specially coded molecules that create a print after being exposed to ultraviolet light emitted from a thin bar in a printer. The molecule readjusts itself within 24 hours to its original form to delete the print, or heat can readjust the molecule instantly.”

I don’t know whether this is new technology or just an old news, anyway, this is brilliant; the idea is great especially nowadays we are talking about environmental friendly. This concept definitely can save a lot of papers and trees.